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A digital platform to conduct and record a fully encrypted
SCAT-5 Concussion Assessment Test

Our team saw the need to give the SCAT-5 Concussion Assessment a facelift. Currently, when trainers on the field or in the training room want to assess an athlete for a concussion, they have to print out a SCAT-5 assessment, write sensitive player information on paper, and store it in a file cabinet or folder for future access. This process can be inefficient, disorganized, and mistake prone when trainers are scrambling to manage varied injuries from numerous athletes. With our project, SCATTER, we eliminate the need for paper and mitigate disorganization by placing a concussion assessment solution in the palm of their hand. Our Android and iOS application aims to target Sports Trainers by increasing their efficiency and making their testing history easily accessible. Trainers no longer have to worry about losing their documents either, our solution encrypts and stores this sensitive information securely. Want to use this service for YOUR team? Contact us and try SCATTER today!


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